How Well Do Older Entrepreneurs Do When Starting a New Business?

How Well Do Older Entrepreneurs Do When Starting a New Business?

With all of the talk about start-up business success for young entrepreneurs, you might think that only fledgling wunderkinds, ala Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, are making an impact on the world. The stereotype is that the young are quick, bright and have their finger on the pulse of today’s consumer. Is that really the case, though? Surely older workers, those over 50 say, have a lot to offer.


Who Makes a Good Entrepreneur?


Older people have many qualities that make them likely to be successful in business. These are often skills that are only learned by trial and error, life experience and the school of hard knocks. From these lessons come a catalogue of positive traits that can be helpful in the business world, including wisdom, empathy, compassion, perseverance, knowledge and patience. The list could go on and on.



What Are the Positive Stories From the Over 50 Crowd?


The world is full of men and women over 50 who have seen great success in the fields of art, acting, writing and business. Each one has a unique story to tell, every bit as interesting as the stories of younger workers. Here is a short list of people over 50 who have achieved business success.


·         Ernestine Shepherd began bodybuilding at age 56 and is still teaching classes into her 70s.

·         Chris and Susan Beesley started a successful online business in their mid-50s.

·         Angie Higa launched her Sky Dreams business after she was a grandmother.

·         Lynn Brooks began a free New York City travel service called Big Apple Greeter at age 59.

·         At the age of 54, Regina Mason launched a bakery that specializes in organic and gluten free goods.

·         Lorraine Campman started a music center at age 56 that teaches piano to adults.


Besides being over 50, all of these people used their life experience and their deep passion to create a new venture. They often took risks and experienced failure, but persevered in their dreams to attain success.


Which Is Better, Young or Old?

 A close look at the facts shows that the brilliant youngster who bursts onto the scene with some world-changing product is more of an anomaly than not. In fact, many of the world’s innovations come from older, more experienced minds. The lesson in all this might be that it is unproductive to count out men and women over 50 in the business world.


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