6 Myths People Still Believe About Women Over 50

6 Myths People Still Believe About Women Over 50

For many people, turning 50 is a beginning rather than an ending. That has not stopped numerous misconceptions from popping up in society concerning women over 50. In fact, there are plenty of examples that disprove these myths and could change people’s perceptions of everyone entering their golden years.


Myth: It Is Too Late To Learn New Things


Whoever said an old dog cannot learn new tricks had no idea what they were talking about. The capability of learning new skills never diminishes with age. There are numerous groups and classes available where you can learn all kinds of new skills, including everything from knitting to how to use social media. Reinvention is a part of life regardless of age.


Myth: Older Women Are Usually Lonelier and More Depressed


Once women pass a certain age, people assume they are lonely because their kids have moved away. On the contrary, older Americans tend to be more socially engaged than any other demographic. Whether they belong to church groups or social clubs, there are many ways for seniors to stay involved in their communities. You will make some of your best friends after you turn 50.


Myth: It Is Too Late To Start Exercising


It is even more important for senior citizens to exercise than younger people. Seniors may not be able to engage in high-intensity exercises, but they can still partake in water aerobics, yoga or a simple walk through the park. A little bit of exercise a week is enough to keep the bones strong and muscles limber.


Myth: Dementia Is a Normal Part of the Aging Process


Dementia and Alzheimer’s are catastrophic diseases. While they are certain dangerous, they only impact roughly eight percent of individuals over the age of 65. Early detection means a person at risk of dementia can begin undergoing treatments and taking medications sooner, which can impede the disease’s development.


Myth: Older Women Cannot Make Decisions on Important Issues


It is vital to have powers of attorney in case you are incapable of making financial or medical decisions. However, plenty of women over the age of 50 have no problem making informed decisions independently. When the family needs to decide on something, it is critical to get the opinion of the person who has a lifetime of experience.


Myth: Older Women Are Not Interested in Intimacy


All adults can benefit from healthy, positive sexual relationships. The desire for this intimacy typically does not go away as one ages. While a person’s health can impede the ability for intimacy, older women who are in good health often have no problem engaging in sexual intercourse several times a month.


All these misconceptions about women over 50 can be traced back to ignorance and a lack of speaking to this demographic. The truth of the matter is that women can learn new skills and make new friends well into their 50s, 60s, 70s and even 80s. Read through other blog posts on Thoughts That Happen for more guidance on how to live your best life after turning 50.

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