How To Be Your Most Productive Self After 50

How To Be Your Most Productive Self After 50

Gone are the days when cultures rendered women invisible once they reached the age of 50. Today, if you take even a cursory look at just one medium, Instagram for example, you will find that women over 50 are embracing themselves in all their shapes, beauty and with what may have been deemed “imperfections” in times past, such as a certain body weight or size or greys in the hair.


Today, women are out there boldly sporting their silver hair and different types of bodies and celebrating and sharing their wisdom, age, creativity and the brilliance of the human form through politics, yoga, fitness, art, business and new roles such as “uplifter” or “attitude adjuster.” Simply put: the ability to render yourself insignificant or its opposite lies only in your own hands.


Time To Reinvent Yourself and Reach Your Goals is Now


Whether you stayed out of the workforce in recent years for personal reasons, due to boredom or a short or extended midlife crisis, or you are contemplating a career change to pursue something you always wanted but were either afraid or could never segue into, your 50s are the best time to attempt that. Do your own soul-searching first and seek advice from friends and career counselors to make an itemized plan of how from day to day you will go after your dreams, be it starting a new job or business or going back to school.


A Healthy Mind Resides in a Healthy Body


Besides maintaining a work-relaxation balance, the benefits of regular exercise and proper sleep are well documented. It is crucial to integrate a physical fitness plan in your routine not only to sleep better and attain most productivity but also for the simple fact that all your activities are compromised and can be halted by an unfit or depressed body. 


Best To Avoid Some Common Mistakes


If you have decided to return to the work force, the following pointers will make you competitive during your job search:


·         A concise and relevant resume tailored to the job description, going back only the last 7-10 years

·         Reaching far and wide in your search, e.g., social media channels, popular job boards, school mates and friends of friends

·         Flexibility with salary and perks

·         Demonstrating that you are up-to-date with current technologies and moderate trends, for example, avoid dressing to the interview in fashions from 30 years ago but also skinny jeans


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